Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Update

Its been only 11 days so I really don't understand my need to write about an update. Yet I type away swiftly, stopping every now and then to glance over at my window to watch the snow accumulating on the window sill. As of yet 2011 has been a mixed bag more good then bad actually (touch wood!) or may be my perception has changed this year...i dunno. Alright the good things first
  • I finally joined a gym and managed to survive the gruesome toning classes.
  • I have been meditating every day for 10 minutes. Yeah granted 10 minutes is not much but its a big accomplishment for me to be able to quiet down my monkey mind for that long.
  • I also paid off one my credit cards and locked up the other one in the drawer
  • I stopped drinking the sugary milky chai that I used to drink everyday with invigorating green tea :).
Still taking baby steps but oh so proud! Now here are the bad parts of 2011
  • My trip to Mexico got canceled :(
  • Health wise I have managed to screw my body up pretty bad! Well actually this time my body has actually screwed me up. For personal reasons, I won't discuss much about it here.
  • I managed to let some certain people creep back into my life without any inhibitions. I should have known better in fact I do know better and therefore I'm a bit disgusted with my self. These people not only bring me down but constantly make me question my own abilities and threaten my status quo. NOTE TO SELF: Always trust your first instinct and never bring the things back into your life that you disposed.
OK END RANT! On the brighter note, these "certain people" have happily disposed themselves from my life. Good riddance! Phew I didn't have to do the dirty work this time around. Hope the rest of the year is full of cupcakes, balloons, sunshine and unicorns! Hey a girl can dream right :D


Perfect Peace said...

Good for you for joining the gym and taking all those steps to be extra healthy! And I loveee that picture!

ACH said...

That sounds like a great start to 2011! Meditation is so hard; good for you for dedicating 10 minutes a day to it!