Monday, November 29, 2010

The news news!

You know how in English, we tend to open conversations by saying “what’s up?” Does anyone know how you actually answer that? Saying “good” doesn’t really make sense.Bengali (my native language) has a similar greeting - Ki khobor? which literally translates to what’s the news? And I never know how to respond. I’m good? Just got done with work? I usually say “no news” but that does tend to kill the conversation. Yeah...I tend to kill conversations like that....a lot!
Anyways. No news here. I am kind of sick, sore throat, slight temperature, the whole nine yards. Im also really stressed about school since it is my last semester and all. I have PILES of work to do and since I'm a big procrastinator I keep on piling up more work.

So yeah..thats it for today.
P.S. Photo of the ducks taken by my best friend Pian Kazi. I have a thing for ducks...but that's another blog post!


Natalie said...

I always say "nothing much", but you're right it does tend to kill the conversation!

Amy said...

I always respond to "what's up" by saying what I'm actually doing and then asking them the same. I feel your pain darling! This week is killer! Love those ducks!

Signe said...

hehe, never thought about it but it is quite a puzzle :)
I always say 'I'm good' as well but you are right - that does not make much sense!

have a lovely weekend :)

Meredith said...

haha love the blog! and i feel you on lots of work being piled up. its finals week for me and i wish i could snap my fingers and it could magically poof away!