Monday, December 6, 2010

I am in love...

How gorgeous are these Anthropologie aprons? My favorite is the top one and the bottom one. i wouldn't mind one (or two) for Christmas ;).

By the way my first job ever was at Anthropologie! Needless to say whatever I earned working there for 4 months was spent at the store itself. Oh good times....really good times!


Perfect Peace said...

Oh my gosh those are sooo cute! I love aprons, I wear mine every time I cook or do dishes :)

lindsay said...

:) i love everything at anthropologie, but i have always had my eye on these adorable aprons, but i don't even cook...the hubs likes to do that :) i still want one though...i think it would inspire me to bake!

so jealous you worked at anthropologie! i am working on building my design resume to apply for a job at anthropologie or free people!! xoxo