Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Days like these makes me wanna crawl in to bed

and never come out!
  • I woke up today with a horrible neck pain! It was so bad that I could not tilt my head to brush my hair.
  • The neck pain made me miss my first class and a graduate school info session that I wanted to attend.
  • I almost fell into the subway tracks on my way to school since I saw a man ahem...masturbating on the platform. This is my second time witnessing such an act on a subway platform...yup second time and I kid you not! And needlessly to say the first time was just as shocking and vomit inducing.
  • When I got to my second class for the day I found out that the assignment which I stayed all night doing wasn't due until next week.
  • Ignorant people in my Bible Study class gave me a headache by having loud and obtuse arguments about irrelevant things. And the arguments actually went on for 3 hours. No joke 3 hours! I mean come on people its not your sunday school its a literature class!!
Okay end rant.
I am just glad the day over. Phew!


hud said...
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hud said...

WOW your back?

mehwish said...

OMG seriously ? SERIOUSLY?! A guy was actually doing tht ewwww. I have heard bt it never seen this. thk godd!