Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello (Again!)

I started this blog a long time ago. And then I deleted it. Then I decided to fill this blog again with my thoughts.

As I sat for hours thinking of what I should write. Trivial and intelligent thoughts kept swinging in my Bengali head. I read many blogs written by creative and evolved personalities. And so, after suffering a hounding complex and a feeling of insecurity, I decided to be myself, which most of us very rarely do.

It’s important to be honest. Yes, it’s important, but certainly not possible in today's day and age. So most of us (I think...) have mastered the art of “dishonest honesty.” What is that?! It’s the art of concealing the truth and yet coming across frank and straightforward. It’s a gift we all have. But just like classical singing, it takes many years till you hit the high notes. My attempt here is to be a little less “dishonest honest”. I’m going to try…. I promise.

So, welcome to my bloggers park. I hope you find yourself a bench.


Pratty said...

welcome back

Fahad~Zinna said...

Good job you finally started to write again. lol maybe I shouldn't admit this to you but I actually liked reading what you wrote haha....I am "dishonestly being honest" lol haha