Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Swap Post!

I tok part in the 20sb blog swap and here's my partner's post. Enjoy!

I've never done one of these before so I have no idea what to write. The topic we were given is about something we want to do in 2011 that we didn't do in 2010. Stop being such a procrastinator! It's taken me 5 minutes to write this paragraph.
Only because Promised Land is on TV. I LOVE this show, and wish they would put it on DVD. Along with Judging Amy.... also not on DVD. Two great shows that should have never went off the air.
OK so I do not own this blog. Over at 20sb we had a mega blog swap and today was supposed to be the day to post and swap your blogs. Again... its 6 pm here and I'm just now getting to it. Along with the fact that I've been trying to write in my own blog for who knows how long all week and haven't done so.....
Anyways, I am Holly, I live on the West Coast (Of Wisconsin) on French Island. It really is an island, completely surrounded by water with two ways to get here by car and only one on foot, and several by boat. We have Lake Onalaska to the north, the Black River to the east, the La Crosse River to the south, and the Mississippi River to the west. One bridge to town on the freeway and one bridge to town from the city of La Crosse. It's pretty fun.
We live in what we call the apartment trailer park. This block we live on is all apartment buildings, they all look alike and they're all lined up like trailers. Believe it or not, its crazily quiet in these parts, everyone is pretty friendly, and we have 4 bars within walking distance, our own police and fire departments, our own town government, about 1700 people total, and some crazies on this block. We fit in well ;)
Sooo.... what's something(s) I want to do in 2011 that I didn't do in 2010.... hmmm.... I did something just a few weeks ago that was on my bucket list... I rode the Amtrak for the first time... and I'm doing it again in a couple days to go home for Christmas.
One thing I really want to do is finish the book I've been working on. I started it in 2004 and just figured out how to end it. The problem is my computer has crashed on me three times and deleted everything I've had, but I had it all printed. I'm thinking about making it a trilogy, with the first and third books in third person point of view and the second one in first person. I also wrote a book when I was 17, but it's cheesy because I was 17. I let my English Composition instructor read it this term and she loved it, she said I knew how to pace the action just perfect to keep her on the edge of her seat the whole time. That was cool to hear.
OK, for now thats all... I guess thats what I want to work on... along with finding a job....

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